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Experience what a locally owned pharmacy can do

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Cadiz Pharmacy constantly strives to provide all our patients with the best possible care. When you get medications and other healthcare needs at Cadiz Pharmacy, you are supporting a local team dedicated to serving and strengthening our community.


As a hometown pharmacy, our purpose is to offer our patients the maximum results from their medications by providing consistent, quality, and personal service.


If you have questions about medications, healthcare products, any of our services, or if you have suggestions on how we can best serve you and our community, please let us know.

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  • Free Local Delivery

  • Convenient Drive-Thru

  • Medication Synchronization

  • Auto-Refill

  • Medication Packaging

  • One-on-One Medication Reviews

  • Immunizations

  • Easy RX Refills

  • Disease State Management

  • Vitamins + Supplements

  • Medicare Part D Plan Reviews

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